Coming to Ubuntu

In the summer of 2007 my husband surprised me with a new laptop. It was a surprise because I had been using a much-upgraded 2000 iMac and what he gave me was a Vista laptop.

I struggled with it for about six weeks and became more and more frustrated. I was getting really concerned with reading about security issues and lapses happening without confirmation, and having to allow/deny every small thing was getting really old.

I had a good  Internet friend who was a Linux user (Red Hat/Fedora) and I became interested in trying something new. I did a lot of research and decided that Ubuntu seemed newbie-friendly, so I tried a live CD and liked the results. I had no desire to keep the Vista, so I did a complete Vulcan mind-wipe.

It took a few days to figure out how to get sound working, the Flash player working, and then a few weeks to get the wireless capability. The whole time I was learning about my computer and getting smarter.  With each upgrade I learned something more. I've met some good people and been helped by generous people who want nothing more than to keep the spirit of "Ubuntu" moving forward. I have even *helped* a couple of folks, myself.


Plus there's that whole smug thing...

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2 Responses Mar 28, 2009

I use ubuntu and vista on my laptop. Vista Is for everything I do and Ubuntu Is the guest account. It's totally secure If for no reason other than that no one knows how to use linux platforms.

My little brother keeps trying to get me to switch over but I feel that I'm not familiar with it enough to use it.<br />
<br />
But I might someday.