Banana, The Best To Insert

i have used banana as a **** and inserted in me many times and its really cool.... after i **** with that ,i eat it off and its so tasty then...
pppriyankap pppriyankap
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Bananas make a surprisingly smooth butt plug (use a couple of fingers first). Only problem is they don't last that long; after a few good thrusts the middle starts to bulge and squish out. Probably should use a condom.

I Can tell you more surprising Ideas

I feel jealous wud you mind trying chocolate meat instead that is god gifted for this purpose only

If you owned a vege shop i would be there everyday smelling all the cucumbers carrots and anything else i think you might use. Thanks for sharing sweetness. See you around

I love eating a banana from *****! The taste and the ******* are a nice sexy combination.....

Love to watch you playing with a banana

i done it same. Both bananas and cucumbers are very tasty after ******

My boyfriend blindfolded me once and ****** me with a banana. Took me a minute to figure out what was happening! He loves to see me **** ob<x>jects, a lollipop, bottle of wine, cucumber, anything that can slide up my ****.

A peeled cucumber is stiffer and actually feels very real.Hmm maybe we will read a story about using one ha ha

May I ask you **** yourselkfwith the banaba not opened ? So you probably lick off your *** from the skin of the banana ? Or can you **** your ***** with the pealed banana without the skin ? that would be so hot and sure very delicious to eat the banana with your *** on it.

I'd like to try that, may I watch you and have a taste?

interesting habit....

I had a mate and he told me he used to shove a 'mars' bar up his gf's ****, and then eat it out of her................... :)<br />
- I never thought to try that when I was with a bird. Whats it like, for both the man and the woman ?<br />
Tasty ?<br />

was your mate my BF? :) He loves to eat me out with a mars bar shoved inside my ****. Double the treat!

Well. Mine is a banana-like shape. Real hard. Peel included. Your mouth would peel it as you go down on me. Your ***** would peel it too.

Mind you, when you think about it............. If the banana had been in the fridge.............<br />
- It would be 'really cool' wouldn't it ? :)<br />

To) pppriyankap - would you try to sell the banana as 'finger lickin good ?' :)<br />
I would.......................<br />
- When you shove the banana up your ****, isn't it a bit cold ? Does it straighten out ?<br />

If you were 'marketing' it, on tv or in a mans mag, etc what (flavour) would you call it..................................... ? Would you sell them ? Could you get us men to buy them ?<br />
What do you think to the ex<x>pression "finger lickin good" as used to sell Kentucky fried chicken)<br />
:)<br />