"i Don't Roll This Way On Purpose

  I have been disabled since birth.  I started using a cane when I was twenty years old.   I also use a rolling walker and canes, but I enjoy the wheelchair a lot more.  I work as a substitute teacher.  I speak Spanish.  I am working on becoming a disability awareness/ wheelchair etiquette counselor. I enjoy learning to play piano, photography, and archaelogy.

 I have been discriminated against both at home and in the workplace because I have a disability, and use a wheelchair.  I find, however, that the wheelchair has alleviated a lot of my pain in both hips.  I also love my chair because walking with crutches is painfully slow, not to mention just painful.

I also like to write novels and short stories.  Several of my main characters are wheelchair users.  I am writing a novel about the riot at the New Mexico State Penitentiary which occurred thirty years ago this month.  I am probably going to make the main character.  an inmate survivor, a paraplegic. I want to write about historical events in New Mexico that are not mentioned in the history books in the schools.

Finally, I finished a paralegal course, but I may not get certified, as I have already experienced discrimination when I apply to law firms due to my age and disability.  I would be interested in knowing about others who have similar stories to tell, so that I could get permission to use them in my seminar/workshops. 

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whilei do not use them i have know many that did over the years