My Wife Got Caught...

When she was living in an on-campus apartment with another girl, she was ************ to a movie in their living room with a cucumber when her roommate came home. She was quick enough to pull a blanket over herself and hide the cucumber when her roommate went to the bathroom, but I just love hearing that story...
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14 Responses Jan 11, 2011

Would love to have walked in on her playing with a cucumber

Wow ! quite the horny lil hottie she is ! cheers !

Just think of the sight of a real ****, pulsing *** into her as you watch....that will get you hard

My ex-gf once ****** herself with my half empty beer bottle and then let me drink the rest after she climaxed.

SO HOT! Have you tried a cuke in the arse?

Love seeing the dark cucumber sliding in and out of a wet pink ***** hot!!!

Love seeing the dark cucumber sliding in and out of a wet pink ***** hot!!!

Try a BIG strawberry. Nice and firm and juicy. Wash it first and use it against the ****. It is soooooooo awesome...Luv'n it! *.*

That was very quick thinking yet I only wonder where she hid the cucumber?

At least cucumbers don't make any noise

My wifes uses cucumbers and the very large courgettes as well as a number of other things like that.<br />
<br />

mmmm that is sexy....did your wife and the roomamte have anything going....

I watched a woman from here ******* a cucmber on cam damn that was hot

now i love reading that story x