Getting My Wife Interested In Sloppy Seconds

Hi I am Paul and my wife of 3 years is Kathy. Just a little background, we are both in our twenties, have college degrees and both of us enjoy reading stories about cheating wives, girlfriends, and we have gotten interested in sloppy seconds. Recently her ex boyfriend, from college, Eric, moved near our town in Maryland. He started working at the same office that Kathy's best friend Jill. Jill told him that Kathy lived less than five miles from him and she got his number and gave it to my bride.

Three weeks ago, we were having dinner at home and she told me she heared that her old beau was in town. She said that he told Jill that we lived in the area and he would like to see me "and talk about old times". She showed me his phone number and she asked, " should I call him or throw it away?" She reminded me that she nearly married him and had their first child while still in collge. He was the one who took her virginity and the condom they had broke and she was one or two days away from mid cycle. She was worried and upset about possibly being knocked up so they had a spat and split up.

While they were not talking, I did start talking to her and we dated. She found out that he didn't score that night. He tried to contact her a few weeks after the condom incident but no dice. By the time she forgave him, we were a couple and I had an engagement ring on her finger. She told me she still had feelings for him.

I have to admit, I was worried but then my **** was stiff as a board. I told her that I want her to call him, and have lunch, dinner, whatever. She then asked me, "what if he wants to date her?" I told her that would be the hottest sexiest thing we have ever done in our relationship.
I then asked: "Didn't you tell me once that his **** had to be 9 inches and about 5 inches around and that was the reason that the condom tore that time." She smiled and blushed, and told me that she never saw a **** that huge. I told her that I think she should call him now after dinner.

I told her to let him know that your husband lets her date. I wanted her to let him know that he should ask her, because, if he hasn't changed he will try to take advantage of the situation even tho she now wears a wedding ring.

They were on the phone for over an hour and she told me they had a lunch date. That was about two and a half weeks ago, and they have had lunch and dinner a couple of times. She said that she felt like she was dating again, going through the initial dating process even tho she intimately knew Eric. This past Friday night, she had a date and while she was getting ready, I told her that she should bring her diaphragm and let him know that you would not mind seeing his place. She warned me that she still has feelings for him and his **** is so sexy and big. I told her to have fun and come home early Saturday morning. Before she left the bedroom, she went to our nightstand and took her diaphragm and spermicide. She gave me a kiss and then I heard a car horn and it was Eric. I kissed her again, told her she was white hot, and to come home four or five tomorrow morning.

All night I was hard and just made sure my ***** production was building up Around 2 AM she woke me with a call to say "good night to me" and that she would be home after breakfast later that morning. I asked her is he still good? She said only her diaphragm is keeping a flood of *** from really entering her body. She laughed, we better hope that the spermicide holds out and by the way, you need to pick up another couple of tubes, we are just about out. When she left, the tube she took was hardly used.

He dropped her back home around 8 AM and she came still looking well ******. She kissed me and said that she hope I am really ready for this, she plans to keep seeing Eric and they feelings are stil there between them. All I could do is say I want to **** you now. She said you have to use a condom since I am totally out of spermicide.

Monday she is going out again and since it is a work day she will come home at a reasonable time and I can really enjoy sloppy seconds. I would like to chat with other EP members to find out how to improve this new lifestyle evern more. She also said to me: You are now on your way to becoming a Cuckold. I made love to her with a condom and it was so exciting. I kept thinking that if I was to strong with her the diaphragm might move and let his surviving ***** through. She just finished her period a day ago, so she should be safe.

PaulWSloppyS PaulWSloppyS
22-25, M
Apr 1, 2012