Back Home, At Least Back In Maryland, If Not At Our Apartment

Kathy and Eric arrived at 1:30 PM, at BWI and she looked stunning, she always looks at with a tan. She was beaming, well rested and I could not keep my eyes off her tummy, wondering if Eric and her child was beginning to grow. I helped them with their luggage and they looked like any other couple coming back from a honeymoon or vacation and very much in love. She called him honey and dear and my ears immediately felt a sting when she called me Paul. I felt more like a friend picking them up than her husband, picking up my little cuckoldress.

They were talking with another couple at the baggage claim, a couple from Pennsylvia, who they met a the airport in the Bahamas. They were newlyweds. Kathy introduced me as a friend, and the other couple considered them married. Kathy and Eric wished them good luck as they started married life and they receprocated with a wish that by this time next year they have a third traveling with them.

On the way back, they did kiss and cuddle alot but not the near intercourse, of 10 days earlier on the way out. They really seemed married to the point that they did not have to have sex constantly and that their physical and emotional closesness let the world know and satisfied their deepening love for each other.

On the way to Eric's home to drop him off, she said, Paul we will be getting out at this place, we have a lot of unpacking and other things to do around "the house" since we have been gone. I must have shown a frown or something because she did say, "I will see you tomorrow, I promise".

At his place, I helped them with the luggage, they thanked me for the ride and then Kathy kissed me on the cheek and Eric shook my hand and I walked to my car. My **** was so hard and full, I got home and jerked off three times within an hour.

PaulWSloppyS PaulWSloppyS
22-25, M
May 14, 2012