Back In He Days...

I first tried weed when i was 12, never really got into it untill i was later into being 13. At 14 when i couldnt get weed i would take pills, take cough syrup, nutmeg, anything to get high. I became addicted to the high. And one day i took to many pills and ended up blacking out on my bed... And when i woke up i started puking up blood. I never told my mom... I waited to see if the blood would stop. After about 24 hours it did. After that i went back to just smoking weed. Earlier this year i told myself i wanted to try and stop. Ive offically been drug free for 7months.
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2 Responses Oct 13, 2011

im trying to see if the drug free thing lasts, i doubt it will :D

Congrats for being currently drug free !<br />
I smoked too and still do every once in a while<br />
But I cant take it that much<br />
I'll throw up, it makes me feel sick<br />
So I just smoke very little just to enjoy :)