A Little Of My Story

So I never really knew much about drugs, since I was a pretty sheltered child, until I was about 20ish and when I discovered them the race to make up for time was on. I am not your do something half way person so it was all or nothing for me. I started smoking weed to relax with my at the time current boyfriend and his friends and quickly progressed my way up the ladder. My favorite was Ecstasy and Crack. I've done most everything but those two will get me every time. I guess I spent about 3 years enveloped in the drug world and lost a lot of stuff due to that and. I lost my family, my daughter, a lot of friends, a lot of stuff and money, and eventually my freedom. It took 4 different times in jail before I even thought that quitting might be a good idea. I guess you could say my rehab was jail, which I would totally have loved to be in one of those crazy get messages, spa like places, but county is what I got. When I was in the deepest part of my addiction I couldn't go even 2 or 3 hours without something. I was spending upwards of $2,000 in a weekend and stealing whatever I could get my hands on to support that habit. I didn't sleep hardly at all, talk to anyone that wasn't dealing me drugs, eat, and looked like ****. It was bad times and the funny thing is that I thought nobody could tell how bad it really was. I've been clean a little over 2 years now but it hasn't been easy, that's for sure. I still don't have my daughter back and can't really find a job since I don't have what you would call a clean background check, but I am still moving along. It gets really hard sometimes but I can't do much except move forward so that's what I do.
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Those were bad times for all of us, but you made it through. I'm pretty proud of you for making it to where you are now :). *full body tackle hug*