In My Past I Sure Have.  ...

In my past I sure have.  Not my proudest moment but I must say I was never so addicted that it wasn't extrememly easy to give up.  I was also to scared to try anything real hard like tweek.  I pretty much stuck to weed.  Now cigaretts is a total different story and I feel like they are drugs, just legal ones.  Those I'm having severe issues giving up.
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3 Responses May 18, 2007

It sounds like you have a addiction smoking weed,you think? when ever you stop using any type of drugs that you been taking enough to cause you problems in your life. you usually get a crave for your primary drug. When your bored of the way you feel smoking weed you want to try something new and when you find it your hooked.My thing is stay away from everything and you will start making the right choices

Been there done that but back in the 80's, 'E' or 'X' or any of the newer drugs that hit the clubs in the 90's was after I was done. I desired my own so it involved obtaining a real job with random drug testing, and since that point it hasn't been in my life.<br />
I still keep an open mind, I never became addicted as I am a firm believer it's not the substance alone, but characteristics and deeper issues with the users. <br />
I would enjoy atlering my state safely but a nice buzz from some drinks and maybe a pain reliever is all I get now adays, though some of my dancing activity will have me come face to face with all of it, I just simply decline and enjoy the smells...LOL

I've tried a few different things, x, weed, zanex, acid but not much more then that. I use to pop x on the weekends before I went to the club. Haven't done it in awhile though. I smoke weed on a regular basis but I've never been addicted to anything.