I Abused Them For a Long Time.

I abused drugs for a long enough time that I am now paying the price. I was addicted to speed and pot and I guess Ecstasy. My main concern now is due to the speed the cartilage in my nose is thinned. It is a pain in the arse in winter because it hurts but I have to pay the price for the choices I made. I chose to give up just under 3 years ago but I relapsed, so I have been clean for a little over a year now.
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well done to all of you ........you are very brave people...<br />

Congratulations on the year! :) I got a year in February. I was on meth, coke & crack, TONS of ecstasy (way too much), pot, booze, um, pills, pretty much everything... and i did heroin 2 times... My nose is messed up too, and the ecstasy really messed up my thought process... I'm a fairly intelligent person, right?... and I swear to you, sometimes I can't think of the most simple words. When I was using, I would be talking and it was like I would just be talking normally and then I'd stutter, but not a small stutter... Like a cd pla<x>yer skipping or something! haha. I'm so thankful to be clean... Your story really hit home for me. Good luck on your journey, girl! :)

i used to do coke so kinda know bout the nose problem i been clean for almost 2 years. i wish you the best

Thank you.<br />