What a Ride That Was...

I got right onto the wagon when it was first released.  I remember my mom thought it was the best option, since the pill can be a pain to remember.

I remember the day I had it inserted into my arm.  The sensation of the pressure as the doctor shoved one stick (don't know what else to call them) after another, in a fan like shape.  There were 5 in total, if I remember correctly.

To this day I'm not quite sure if I'd recommend it or not, I'm not even sure if it's used anymore.

I remember after that first visit to the doctor, to get it inserted.  I laid down for a nap, when I woke up, my upper arm was just throbbing in pain.

My first "cycle".  I remember that well too.  My poor boyfriend at the time, he'll probably never have to endure mood swings like that in his lifetime again, hopefully.   These were as swingy as they could get.  I would literally, no exaggeration, go from one mood to the next.  Quite happy, to bite your head off within moments.

Then the actual cycle.  That got to be enjoyable (sarcasm) as well.   Generally, I'd have my period for about...oh, 4 days.  With the Norplant, that's how many days I did NOT have it.   However, this ..problem kicked in after having the Norplant for a couple years. As if it started to break down, not work as well.

Yet, it was very nice to just ...forget about birth control, not have to remember to take anything.

That within itself was a huge "pro" as far as pros vs. cons go.

With the "cycle problem" I wanted to get it taken out sooner, it turned into a hell all it's own.  I only had about one more year with it, so my mom wanted me to wait it out.  Of course my body regulated whenever I went to the doctor about the problem. 

I still remember one day, a male friend of mine asked about it.  I said "Wanna feel it?"  His exact reaction that makes me smile to this day..."Ew! No! I don't want to feel it!!!"

I replied..."It's in my arm"..... "Oh, okay" he responded.

If I was asked...."Do you want to use Norplant?"
I'd say, no.  I've used it, dealt with it.  I'd rather use something else now.

The "hands free" aspect of it was nice, but it wasn't worth that much money.
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36-40, F
Jun 23, 2007