I did all five:



Darkness Descends

the night falls in a heavy, suffocating cloak, entwined are we.
the understanding for which you pine
flares once, then dies,
crushed by the all-encompassing dark.
all hope must surely perish.

your passion throbs no more.
how could you not understand?
demons surround us, crying,
we have lost our light.



righteous hatred

what have you done to me?
a smothering indistinctness of agony as thoughts scream.
once we savored innocence,
wide-eyed and untainted,
but your desire vanished.
a painful morass of lies -
drops of blood follow darkness, follow death,
love torn apart.
in a torrent of righteousness,
i condemn you.



dark love

It is a night of subtlety, a song of ethereal pain,
wolves vent their loneliness. The immortal one

Curling wisps of death shrouds her brooding form,
an eternal wanting.

Her raven hair cascades over
pale and tragic shoulders, and her
full scarlet lips part slightly, to taste the
darkness streaming from the
pale flesh beneath

Now a night of ecstasy,
I awaken.



Heaven Shunned

Slender beams of illumination enter
this darkened chamber as I kneel,
always driven, always supplicating,
frozen here,

Tortured forms wrought in panes of glass loom as
dust dances in the air,
forming an image in my mind,
penetrating my shamed flesh.

Blood on an angel's face.

I raise my head, now railing against
this callous truth.



Dark Betrayal

Around, all around, the storm clouds gather.
My dread grows as the stroke of death falls against my head.
It slays me, and darkly my
essence drips
to the broken ground.
In unholy terror I call your name
while Death's shadow hovers close.
Now alone, my cascade of tears falls upon darkened eyes.

This is my Hell

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Lol I had fun!