To My Sisters And Brothers In Humanity

dear brother/sister

if left your religion, and you feel lost, or you are looking for something intersting,
i may have a something to light your way,
you may think its false, maybe your heared of it before,

but me as a Muslem, id like to suggest for u something may help u find what u lost in ur old religion,
i believe that everything around us happend for a reason, under one power which controlls everything,

i am not trying to convence you to anything, but if you are looking for the right path, which will lead you to heaven, ( whch our God, the creator of everything promised us)

please read the translated version of Quraan, you will be amazed, because its not a humans words,
its God's words, every single word of it

we believe in Jesus and Marry ( peace be upon of them)

And remember, if you believed now in God, and u died, if he wasnt there, u wont loose anything, but if he was there?
what do u think will happen?

i know TV and news showed u many lies about Islam and muslim terrorists,
but am sure you are older than believing that in TV " what you see is what you get"
because its not true,
did know that Muhammad peace be upon him, never Killed anyone, but 1 man who was promising if he saw Muhammad, he is going to kill him?

i am not an expert at Islam, thats why i asking u to accept my invition and watch some videos for Ahmad Deedat,
and at the end its up to you, our prophet didnt teach us to force people to anything,

and as i said at the beginning we are brothers and sisters in Humanity, i just wanted to share something i know with you :)

A muslim woman
smc6 smc6
18-21, F
1 Response May 12, 2012

I adore u :))))

thank you :) i hope i did something to cheer u up :)