How Do You Replace Faith?

As a child growing up, I was very much into religion. I LONGED to go to church. I loved to dress up and sit in the sanctuary with the adults rather than go to Sunday school with the children. I remember that from around the age of five I started praying every night. This was to become a trend that I would follow faithfully for the next 25 years.

As I became a teenager I accumulated a lot of guilt. I wasn’t going to church. I dropped out of high school. I wasn’t perfect, I kept telling myself. I was a loser. A SINNER. I was going to hell. I had some hard knocks during those years. I still remained “faithful” to god. As I entered my early 20’s I started going to church very faithfully again. Albeit, I was a heavy drinker and slightly promiscuous. I’d rather not take my chances. I’d go sit in the pew, hung over, and repent with all of my might. I’d even ask for prayer.

After 14 years out of school I decided to further my education. I started taking philosophy and biology. I learned about things I had never heard about before. The only Theories I had ever heard about were all based on creationism. I became angry. I felt brainwashed and cheated. I felt like a fool. How could my family betray me by teaching me Christianity? All these years I spent feeling guilty and ashamed.I felt that they were all weak. Too weak to face the facts. There is no known god. I don’t even believe that people have a soul anymore. My world has been turned upside down and I am still picking up the pieces.
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There is no God as described by most if not all of the mainstream religions. There can, however, be a "First Cause" ... call it what you will... It will not prove to be anything like the "God" of religion.

What evidence led you to conclude God does not nor cannot exist?