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I no longer had any use for christianity, just as it has no use for me.

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I look for many more posts from you Dr.

In the end, to have a religion means you still believe in a higher power... I don't believe in a higher power. I am familiar with Unitarianism, but I can't say I really belong there anymore than in another religion.

I'm slightly offended that you seem to be confusing the terms christianity and religion. There may be no fact or logic in christianity, but there certainly is in some non-christian religions (including my own). For example, we believe in the interconnectedness of all life, which is logical because of a. evolution b. the fact that people and animals come into constant contact with eachother during their lives. I understand you don't want to be part of a religion, I just felt the need to defend myself anyway. <br />
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The more I learn about christianity the less I like it. They kick people out of their congregations!?! I didn't realize abandoning people was part of christianity. That doesn't make any sense to me, but whatever.

Haha Godfree and DrCynic. You guys made my day! LOL

Well, if he could incarnate, would that mean that others could as well?<br />
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Oh yeah. I disagreed with a politically motivated sermon, and I let them know about it. I was told never to come back, so I told them they could kiss my ***.

Well, I hope your happy, you made the baby jesus cry by leaving his crew.<br />
How could you forsake him, he went to all the trouble of getting his mom pregnant, bringing the kegger to the wedding and then strolling across the lake for a picnick of clone fish and bread.

From what I was always taught, Jesus was the son of God, not the personification of God... That was from my grandfather, who was a minister.<br />
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I gave it up because there was nothing in it for me. There was no explanation. Nothing logical. Nothing scientific. (Also, being banned by the church and then telling the congregation they could "kiss my ***" helped push me when I was about 12)

Don't get us started on the twisted logic of the trinity mess, lol.

Did anyone ever see that Family Guy epidsode where Peter's like "I think Jesus' powers may have been exaggerated", and he's basically just doing a trick with his thumbs... <br />
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Somehow, I feel like that's a plausible answer.

I say it's inevitable that if a man tries to walk upon water, he will end up very wet. Unless he's a magician, which I say is a much better explanation for the miracles of Jesus than saying that he's the son of the creator of the universe. I think there's a strong possibility that if David Copperfield had been alive 2,000 years ago that people might have thought he had god-like powers. Just my opinion.

I was a con artist... It's basically the same thing. :P

Cause he's a magician! LOL!

Why would you?

Me? I need real evidence when it comes to religion. I've never been shown any, so I have no reason or wish to believe in something without proof.

I don't believe that there needs to neccessarily be evidence for me to decide what is or isn't. I choose to believe in UFO's even though I've never seen one. If I say the sky is blue and someone tells me it's green and continues to try and convince me, I will most likely walk away and give the universal "talk to the hand" sign.<br />
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With or without evidence, you can choose to believe what you want. My mind open until someone tries to cram something that isn't mine into it. <br />
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Not often that someone admits their mind is closed. People who worship faith with no evidence are not going to be swayed by evidence.

What one person believes to be the truth and another believes to be a fairy tale is a matter of opinion. Some issues can be argued until we are blue in the face and no one ever wins. I believe everyone has the right to believe what they want, whether it be their political choices, the right way to raise their kids, or religion. It is ony when someone tries to force the issues and prove to me that they are right that I close my mind of all possiblities.

I do like pizza though. ;P

drcynic -- You are much better off. Don't worry. I won't try to convert you to pizza worship.

I was raised a methodist...<br />
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I just have no use for religion. There's no fact to it. Just like when people tell me I'm handsome... I don't believe in fairy tales.

How sad that your childhood religion doesn't have any use for you (That is what christianity was for most former christians I know, so I assume that is what it was for you). I will never leave my childhood religion- unitarian universalism. I go to church only rarely nowadays. But whenever I give up on fighting for what I know is right, because it is so much easier to just accept things the way they are, I go to church and they remind me how important it is to work for justice. Anyway, I hope that you find peace and happiness, whether it is inside or outside of an established religion.

You're mistaking God for Jesus... <br />
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Next of all... Where is your proof. Give me proof. Legit proof. You can't give it. You can say he did those things, that doesn't make them fact. There is more proof that I will be a big movie star than there is in god.

I find the notion that God created the entire universe just so that humans on Earth could play out this whole sin/salvation drama to be... far-fetched, to say the least. Even if it had only been the Milky Way galaxy, even that would have been a profound waste of space, but there are millions of galaxies out there. Billions of light years across. For what? For us to look at? Talk about a waste of space.

Well lets see you seem a bottom line kind of guy.<br />
What is in it for you? <br />
1. Eternal exsistance is already yours, you just get to decide how and where you spend it with God in Paradise or without God commonly refered to as Hell.<br />
2. Your debt of doing all the things against God is wiped out.<br />
3. I do not know the whole eternal peace thing is kind of huge.<br />
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Why God deserves the Glory:<br />
1. Created the whole universe.<br />
2. Created you, you can decide good or bad on that one.<br />
3. Gave us free will do decide to follow or not.<br />
4. Even thou we mess up he sacrificed himself for us.<br />
A. Left perfection to become like us.<br />
B. Lived as a poor one of us.<br />
C. Let people who should have worshiped him, beat him, ridicule him, spit on him, and kill him.<br />
5. Died for us.<br />
6. Rose from the dead for us.<br />
7. Is preparing a speacial place for us to live.<br />
8. Offers us eternal life without suffering and pain.<br />
<br />
Seems to me you are not looking at the whole picture.

And what's in it for me? Not a damn thing. I think before I give glory to someone, they should earn it.

Please read the parable of the sower and the seeds in the gospels, I think you might find you in there.<br />
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Being a Christian is not about what is in it for me, but what do I do to bring glory to God. The saving me from eternal damination real good, but again for His glory not mine.<br />
Do not look to the churches they can really go off the track, but reread your bible see what truths are in there for you.