GIVE God a Go

when i was 16 i became a christian i went to everything youth group, camps, bible study, church 2 x per sunday.....i then decided i did not need god in my life so hit the drugs, sex and alchohol....what a mess of my life....i tried everywhere to find love and something to fulfull me....but all i got was abuse & pain, no family or friends....well after many failed relationships and my mind and emotions were a mess 3 kids later and a single parent....walked past church and decided that i have tried everything and maybe give God another try.....we its now several years later my life has totally turned around...for once in my life i have friends that care about me, my emotions and mind are being healed...i no longer have soooo much pain and unforgiveness in my life and i feel fullfilled.....i live a simple life with my kids and couple of pets surrounded by kangaroos and gum trees...i own my own house....i am fullfulled and i know that after this short life i will spend eternity in heaven with God. All it took was to acknowledge that Jesus died on the cross for my sins...i have eternal life....SO I SAY TO YOU GIVE GOD A GO

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I agree with walabby. I think you might have been at a point in your life where you needed something to help you through the tough times, and because you had these previous experiences with christianity it was something you could easily access. I just don't know that you're on the same journey as a lot of people in this group, most of us I imagine left christianity to find something more fulfilling for our lives. In my case, the church was becoming almost like a cult, and instead of welcoming my own ex<x>pression of ideas, they suppressed it and went on the defensive. <br />
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I am really glad that christianity has worked for you, and bottom line I have SO much respect for you for the things you have been through. A lot of people go through similar things go on such a different and more unhealthy path I am truly proud you were able to make it through. If I am being completely honest, you might be in a better place than I am with your beliefs. I am still on the search. I just know that for now, christianity is too tainted by my past experiences for me to go back to. I hope to find the resolution that you have someday, hopefully sooner rather than later. And even though my search is not complete, I CAN honestly say I am much happier today than I ever was as a christian.

I suspect that it is your BELIEF in God that works for you, not God Himself (itself?) I suspect that you are actually using self-deception to heal yourself. I don't have a problem with that, so long as you leave me alone! Use whatever works, I say... <br />
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Don't worry, I expected it from you. Thanks for your prayers; I hope they help you feel better about my life choice.

thanks for your encouragement...the reason i suppose i posted my story was that when i was a teenager in turmoil i went to church and beleived in god but then turned away and did my own myself deeper in trouble...wasnt till later in life 35 that i actually gave god a real go....i am sad to hear that you are a are not going to like what i am about to say but i can only speak the truth....we are either with god or against him and that means that you are really worshipping satan...the bible tells us in deutronomey to keep away from such things that your religion teaches....i pray that you no longer will be decieved...

I think it's wonderful that you used faith to help you through such a difficult time in your life. It's true that not everyone who is not Christian hits that sort of life, nor is it true that everyone who digs their way out of that life becomes Christian in order to do it, but it IS true that some people find faith and spirituality to be a big help. Some of those people become Christians.<br />
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However, I find it a bit ironic that you're posting to "give god a go" to people who HAVE been Christian...Many of us left for pretty damned good reasons. Some are atheist, others are agnostic, and other have found new religions. I am Wiccan and have found more peace, love and happiness than when I was Christian. I got the same feeling when my mother divorced my abusive step father as I do now from being Wiccan after being Christian.

no not everyone hits life like i did but not everyone had the life i had...drugs and alchohol were the only way i knew how at 13 to drown the pain and the reality that i lived...losing my twin sister at reposesing our home and throwing us out, fighting off a sexual abuser from the ages of 7-17, drugs in the house, police constantly raiding my home, alchoholic i actually did need one could heal the damaged emotions inside me so i can now lead a normal life, bringing up children and helping other women that have come out of abuse...i now have a personal relationship with God and i also have the promise of eternity in heaven.....

You know not everyone who is Godless hits the alcohol and all the bad habits. You know you could have given up all those things on your own, you didn't need god. You know buying into this delusion and shelding yourself from reality probably doesn't really help you.

hi its ginger79 just read your story and iam glad that your life is now back on track..... it is nice to see good things happen to good people for a change.