Slow Changes

i grew up baptist with a little southern baptist thrown in there, & i didn't like it at all. the idea of dressing up in itchy dresses with lace & uncomfortable shoes made me cringe every saturday night. my parents never gave me a choice about church until we started moving around a lot, & they couldn't find a church that they liked. they fell out of the habit, & i was thrilled. not only was church uncomfortable clothes-wise, but the kids didn't treat me nicely. no matter where my parents took me, each sunday was a rough one. so when church became a thing of the past, i didn't care. it was the church part that turned me off. God was still in my life, but church wasn't.

then eventually, i went to college. before college, all i knew of my faith was taught to me by my parents, other family members, & the churches we went to. college gave me the opportunity to see religion/faith/God in a whole new light if i wanted to. i took Old Testament class for my required religion course for the first semester, & that started my slow transition from not being a Christian.

*NOTE: the following are my opinions. in no way do i want to change other people's minds on this matter, i don't want to change my opinions, & i also do not need to be "saved". thank you.*

i started seeing Jesus as just a prophet like all of the other men in the Old Testament that did such magnificent wonders. i even started doubting the Son of God title as well. aren't we all sons & daughters of God? i just didn't understand what made Jesus, above everyone else, so special.

i've always believed a little of each religion: reincarnation & karma from Hinduism, Heaven & Hell from Christianity, listening to nature from Paganism, etc. so i don't have a title what religion i am. as far as i know, i'm just spiritual. i practice the Tarot now, which is practiced in many religions including Christianity, but it's hard for me to tell people what i do & what i believe for fear that they will judge me. i don't judge others when it comes to their beliefs... as long as they don't push them onto me.

someone once told me i needed to be "saved." i don't need to be saved. God & i have an understanding, a close relationship if you will & being "saved" won't change a thing...

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2 Responses Mar 12, 2010

He is the creator,we are most like Him when we are being creative.He is love,we are most like Him when we love.He delights in music so do we.He is grace beauty power strength and so are we.He smiles and He can get grieved.He'll even cry.Jesus showed all of this to us.simple.

I remember going to a Southern Baptist church when I was a kid.They were way to racial and their too high and mightier than thou attitude,was to much for me. Now I loved going to my Grandmas Pentacoastal church now that was something.As long as your relationship with your god is strong.Dont worry what the masses think.Do whats right for you.Good luck on your Journey.