Re I Used To Be A Good Man

If your problem is one of substance abuse i feel deeply for you, in my experience in life and one of being closely connected to people who have fallen into the depths of the abyss.

On a few occasions i have helped people who gone a stray, the road you face is one of punishment and agony. I must say though there is a light a the end of the tunnel, you can beat this problem but more important than any advice you will recieve is one question Do you want to beat it ? & if so you can not make excuses why you should do it one last time. Every excuse that you make must be why you should not use it & look at the negative effect of what its already done to you.

Maybe the people here have never experienced being connected to some one who has played with the devils dust, but there comments are touching and positive and most of all one of support. Condeming you for your actions would be negative and no one is hear to judge only support you in your quest.

After reading your cry for help & the good people who have expressed there support i had to write this and hope that you will believe me, i have loved some people who have played with the devil and gone beyond the call of duty as there partner to help them find there way. Only those that truly want to beat this curse will beat it and how hard it is to win, i can promise you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and your life will change for the better if you truly want it too.

I could shed tears and pitty for you for ive seen the terrible things that addiction has cauesd to some that i have loved, tears must only be shed when they are of joy and celebrating you have won.

May you find peace and happiness, go forward and never backwards. If you wish to talk then i am here for you.

sexywetlips sexywetlips
26-30, F
Oct 23, 2009