Thank you so much. But I have to be honest with you I wasn't all way nice to people. I would all was talk crap on them and thought I was better then every one else but then I look at the world and saw how hurt people are and wanted to do some thing about it. People expect you to fight back with hurt full worlds but the thing is it never going to get better unless you the who that stop it. I mean there are still people out in the world that are still going to say hurt for things but all you can to is fight back with kid words. I still say mean things but learner I lean and say sorry to the people I have hurt even my family has hurt me more then my friends have but I keep smile and make other people smile because when I see people smile it make me feel good about myself and other.
lovemariefrance lovemariefrance
13-15, F
Aug 21, 2014