Almost To The Point Of Being Homophobic.

Yep, from the time I was born, until I was in my mid 50's, I only had sex with women. And until my late 30's/early 40's I couldn't even imagine sex with another man--the thought even disgusted me. But at some point I started to wonder what sex with another man would be like. I had no intention of giving up women, I just wondered what it would be like. And finally in my mid 50's, curiosity got the best of me and I tried sex with another man. The first experience left me still curious, not sure whether I had liked it or just tolerated it. But after trying it again, I became firmly bisexual. I still prefer sex with women for the most part, but I also have and enjoy sex with other men.
RayanneA RayanneA
56-60, M
1 Response May 11, 2012

Wonderful thanks for experiencing the other side