Drugs Were My Pimp

I was an addict. Opiate addict. Born and raised in a small suburban town just outside of Cincinnati Ohio. Grew up with wonderful successful parents, a college student and have traveled the world. In high school I got in the wrong crowd and began abusing opiate based prescription pain pills. After about a year of that my tolerance grew so high that I graduated to heroin...first snorting and then shooting it. Things hit the fan when I became so attached to the drugs that I couldn't hold onto money and my parents questioned my motives, I was backed into a corner and had to tell them. They are Kenyan immigrants and do not know much about drugs. Their thought the best solution was to lock me in my room, but then withdrawal set in and I ran away. I went to downtown Cincinnati where all the drugs were. I am an attractive looking girl so I knew I could **** for drugs/money, and I did just that. Life was crazy down there, every man and women for themselves. I have been beaten by another jealous prostitute, robbed, and held hostage by a crazy crack smoking john. I only tricked for about 5 months until I decided it was too much and went to rehab in Michigan, the rehab (Narconon) was a scam but all I really needed was the clean time to get away from my dope. I lost the love of my life to drugs, and I am still trying to win him back. We met and we were together at the wrong time. I chose drugs over him and he moved back to Philly, but I loved him so much, and I still love him...I will always love him. I have just graduated from Univ of Cincinnati with my BSN and I will be celebrating my 3 year clean mark in December. But when you make such a bad decision like I did you will always have consequences that you have to live with all your life. I am now infertile, due to my promiscuity. I hope god will help me marry the man I love and have the child I want and move on with my life. Say no to drugs.

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2 Responses May 20, 2012

I had prostitutes from 16 to 25 thank god they teach you that in na. I am now trying to live with my past and nothing compares to " true" love. Great story the present is a gift forget the past.

I'm really proud of you that you escaped this life and gave your heart to God. I pray He shows you He is working things out for you every single day, and you recognize His protection. Moving story, and I have a lot of hope for you, a miracle in your life. And true love.