I Used to Be a Prostitute


When I was in High School I was approached by pimps often, not sure why....I was told I could make alot of money. I was completely grossed out and I would never be that stupid to work like that to give my money to a man.

I started dating this guy my senior year, he pretty much...tried to pimp me out what the ****?? why do i attract this?

After 2 years of him trying, I finally grew up and got away from him (I was hardly 19 at the time)

I became curious of that lifestyle, and I ended up doing it but on my own. Not that its any better in the average persons eye- I was still a prostitute!

I made alot of money, I traveled alot with the money..actually met some pretty inspring great people as well as crazies . I started to have regulars so i had a regular income come in. I had a regular job that I felt helped make me feel normall...just had a second life.

I ended up meeting a guy, so I quit...my regular job was enough to help me keep the typical lifestyle of someone my age..I didn't work for almost 2 years..then we broke up...two months later I lost that job. I was left with nothing,

I moved to a different city, and just started working! I made even more money then I did before. I marketed myself much better, made a website...made an image for myself. I traveled to different cities working...had clients up and down the east coast. I felt great. I was able to be abit more choosey with my clients, Id know which ones I didnt want to see, ones i didnt mine seeing or ones I really liked seeing. I felt content in the life of an escort.

I got arrested, I felt like crap I regretted everything I had done...I was ashamed because my sister ended up finding out because she had to bail me out. She disowned me didn't talk to me. I felt awful, i didnt work for about 2 months which felt much longer Then another working girl who i kinda became friends with called me...she got me back into it again. We worked together..everything was great again we traveled together. It felt great to have a friend who understood. She ended up getting married to a guy who was cool with her career choice.

I started to think about if I wanted that...I don't,

Then on facebook I saw friends from high school graduating college, getting married, having kids....i wanted that...

I started to get depressed. i slowly worked less and less just enough to pay my car payment...just enough to pay my bills...just enough to start putting money into savings. I moved back home, got my money together decided to go back to school. I haven't worked it almost a year. I've been dating a great guy we get along famously. He doesn't know I was an escort, but he does know I was involved in the business..so maybe he does know maybe he doesnt....he doesnt ask questions and excepted this about my past. We've been talking about getting married...our dreams of having kids. Moving to our common favorite city...

Im happy to be out of that lifestyle..even though it was fun..great life experience. Im definately more confident in myself..my body..my sexuality..I've dne things I probably wouldn't have done on my own. Now at 25, I'm feel truely happy about being done with the business...and hope to start a career soon after I finish college.

Sometimes I think about leaving and working again, because the money and experience of traveling ..is so tempting. But I like that I am building myself and growing a great relationship with a man...I don't think Ill ever leave this for that.
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