Finally Got To Join This Group

It started with me reading about it like how people would do it to get away from life's troubles and stuff.. I never really thought I'd actually do it.. then I joined EP on September 2010 and read more about it.. then finally tried it.. the first time was really not cool but umm I liked the feeling.. I'd just find a razor and do it..

I never really noticed it until I found myself finally joining this group! It happened too fast.. it's like I am doing it then suddenly I close my eyes for a second and suddenly I am not doing it anymore.. I don't really remember when was the last time but it doesn't matter cuz it's over. It was a horrible addiction.

I remember the urge.. the need for more and more pain. the lust.. everything. What I really still don't get is how come someone burn themselves or self-harm with fire.. I'd never try something like that.. that's really horrible.. I knew someone who did that before. God.. people can be really stupid sometimes!! of course like everybody I did burn myself accidentally as a kid and it hurt like hell.. how come someone does it on purpose..
AYearWithoutRain AYearWithoutRain
22-25, M
Nov 27, 2012