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Is that the only reason people quit doing these things if for a personal purpose. no one can really "help" you. it does no good but make u feel more ashamed of yourself. all i know is that the consequences of it were much worse than what i got out of it. My main reason for quitting is because I not only realized my self worth but i had promised someone very dear to me i wouldn't, and she now isn't with us anymore. i'm curious as to what made other people stop to see if i can "help" a self injurer.
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the guilt of breaking that promise will eat you from inside out, i know you can do without it, if you have made it this far you prove to be a strong person.

my very good friend once took away my blades, and i was very very mad at her, but i promised that i wouldnt cut any more. later that year she felt she couldnt handle life any more because she was going through a rough time, so she decided to give up. i have kept my promise for almost 2 years now, and most people will say that it gets easier every day, but i just dont know how much longer i can take this non-cutting. but i will hold on because i made a very important promise and i will stick to it.

I quit because of people around me. If it wasn't for them. I would still be cutting.

i talked to someone at school about it too and they also said they had stopped by choice for personal means. its hard not to give up on trying to help other people sometimes cuz i know when i got to that point i was completely stubborn about that and my other perceptions of things in life. thats good tho, it shows u learned from it and moved on and turned it into a positive outcome. good for you :)

To be honest, i stopped by my own choice. I had decided that i was better, that i really didn't deserve to suffer. It was my boyfriend, eventually husband, that really helped me realize this. It was also wanting to know what would happen for me in the future. I have decided to never go back, and have also begun helping the people i can that were like i was.