My Dad Is My World

Im very close with my dad i mean his my best frend, i dont mind loosing my boyfrend over my dad coz i just dont want to leave his sight not even for 2 minutes. He has a drinking problem and recently his been vomiting blood and doesnt want to admit that its becoz he drinks too much alcohol, he refuses to go see a doctor. Late last year i was suffering from depression becoz him and went for counselling but after that he reduced his drinking soon as i got up my feet again he went back drinking. Im so afraid i dont know want what to do to help him and i dont want to loose him and no one understands how i feel at home. Im a avery quite person and dont talk much even when sumthing is bothering me i rather keep it to myself. I dont go out as often as i used to, i shut all my frends out, my life is just boring and i really want to change it but i juts cant leave my dad in this kind of a situation. He has high blood pressure and doesnt take his prescribed medication instead he prescribes his own and gets it from the chemist, he doesnt eat properly but he drinks none-stop. Im so worried abt him and every one eles is aware of this whole thing.

I just broke up with my boyfrend but that is the least of my worries and its almost as if he didnt exist in my life, i didnt even cry over him nor feel bad coz we broke up. Right now all my focus is on my dad i really really want to help me before its too late and make him realise that i need him more than ever, make him aware that im here for him,

Lehoko Lehoko
Apr 29, 2010