Coping With the Fear of Losing a Romantic Interest

Yes, this fear once gripped me and here are the thoughts I have developed to help me overcome this fear. Yes, I have shared it with others here.

Believe in your ability to handle a break  up IF you should ever have to. Promise yourself that IF you ever do break up that you willl....Acknowledge it will be a long a painful experience, but you will deal and cope in healthy ways, talking to friends, reading books, taking on a new project, doing something you've never done before, join a support group if needed....Know that you WILL survive if you really want to....sooo many people have endured, you can too. Holding on to your fears? But if you want happiness today???? AT some point you will have to just trust him. I think you are trying to protect yourself by picturing that you have lost that if you have, you can deal with it? but whether you trusted him or not, losing someone is going to hurt either way, sooooo consider allowing yourself to enjoy each day that he has NOT broken up with you. YOU could get hit by a bus why not let today be the day that you let yourself relax and trust that you are lucky enough to have someone who cares about you. Enjoy today. And find things to do to help the time go by more quickly....

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