The Monster Man Behind The Door ( Every Door )

When I was about 6, I saw this movie on television that had a huge effect on me. It was a scary movie, starring Barbara Stanwyk. I don't remember the title or the actor's name, but it was about a scientist who accidentally (on purpose) blew himself up in his laboratory at the top of the stairs in a huge mansion.

After he died, his wife kept finding herself at the door to that room, which lie in ruins and without a roof as it had when her husband was killed. When she opened the door, slowly, and called to him, he was behind the door, all hunched and dead and scary, with white eyes. He hid behind the door the first time she came, and she was none the wiser that he was there.

I don't remember the rest of the movie, because I don't want to, I guess, I have seen it as an adult, and it's not that scary, but, I reacted strangely being so young, I started looking behind every door, and making sure there was no one behind them. All doors were suspect, even if they were inside the room I was in and I had seen them be opened, I had to look behind them, and make sure.

I did this for several years, until finally I came to grips with the fact that it was only a movie, and there was no one behind the door.

LeisaWolf LeisaWolf
51-55, F
Mar 16, 2010