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I used to be an art teacher from Sydney in Australia. I completely lost interest in art itself after trying to teach it to kids from the age of 12-18. They literally choose it in subject choice as they think it's easy. So I moved over to Primary education where I do have to teach maths, english etc but I use a holistic approach in teaching and learning where I use the concepts of art in all my subjects and the kids love it.

I work as a casual teacher at the moment as the the education dept. won't allow me to teach primary level until I satisfy their criteria. So I am back at uni! But I haven't painted for more than 6 months and feel lost since I haven't been able to get back into it.

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3 Responses Feb 23, 2009

I teach art right now from grade 6 to 12 i agree with you that I have been losing my passion for art as well. The high school students care but my middle school students are frustrating. How many years into it did you switch? I think I'm ready for a change too.

Australia! How nice! There are very few art teachers left here in USA as they have concluded its not in the budget. Its very sad indeed! Basically they have decided after something like 6th grade its not available. I fought bitterly within my own town. We have no musical education at all. period. They do not realize they have stolen so much from these children!

hi kim<br />
how r u?<br />
i read your story i hope u back your life again and passion in drawing.<br />
im anew art teacher i hope u can tell me what i do ?and how can i teach?<br />
and how can i communicate with childern?<br />
and what acreative ideas cani use to gain my super visior?<br />
i hope u can answer me<br />
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