Not Anorexic Just Have Anorexic Traits

  my husband used to  come home from work telling me  that different girls hit on him and  blah blah blah ( he worked in a gym ) so i felt as if i wasnt  good enough for him because i didnt go to the gym we had barely anything in common  and eventually it started getting to me especially after i found out that he  was talking to some girl he met a gas station ... that sent me to the psych unit ...  before that i remember standing in the shower looking down at myself telling myself that if i just lost a few more lbs ....  i barely ate  i would eat enough to keep myself from going into diabetic shock (  i have pre diabetic symptoms ) plus he didnt keep much food in the house  so i ate when i had money and was at work which the two very rarely  came together ...  finally i left my husband  and i moved out here by my family ... and i started at this  psychiatric group  and my nurse that was assigned  to me made me start writing down everything i ate everyday ... and what i drank and she weighed me alot ....  in february of last yr i weighed  87 lbs and thought i was fat.  when i went into TAP i  started eating more due to a med change  and started feeling good about myself . ... i started having slight issues a few weeks back about how i looked and instead of starving myself ive made healthier  food choices and started exercising ... it amazes me how  everything goes full circle ...  im  not obsessing with something im just fixing it  the healthy way  im very proud of myself for that
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Hi Wow you ve done really well I can really relate to your situation (my husband has met another woman a philipine woman who he has brought into the home for apparently a short time and its hell as she says she is pregnant too, so I hope they go soon and its just me and my son again) but with the eating I went from anarexia to bulimia and ended up in hospital on a drip it was just a few comments people made after I had my son like you could do with losing a few pounds or my husband touching my stomach and thinking it was funny saying I had a spare tyre but its not funny and it gets deep rooted in your head so I went from 9st to just under 6 which is not healthy I know but to me I thought I was fine but then I found I could nt find clothes small enough and started to realise I had to do something but eating was a real chorte and I would take ages for a while eating just a sandwhich I ve now put on a stone and a bit but under present circumstances I dont feel like eating but make myself. Much like your husband mine relished telling me while he was working away that girls were obsessed with him and not being horrid to him I dont know why as he is overwight himself and I really do think the area he was working abroad the woman were looking for men with money which they thought he had but he is now broke and overdrawn etc and has spent 8.000 pounds on mobile calls to the woman he is with now in our home while he was away from her.Its so ridiculous we could be on the Jerry springer show.But good on you and keep it up well done take care paula

I'm pround of you too, I was also Anorexic when I was 12 but not because I wanted to lose weight but because I stoped eating. I'm good now too. your husband would come home and tell you that girls are hitting on him, I know how you felt, my boyfriend would tell me the same thing and I would not feel good enough for him too. I wish you the best :) xoxoxoxo