I Used To Be Anorexic.

it started when i was 13. looks and my body shape was all i really cared about and one day i got called 'a fat pig' i know it sounds pathetic right? but i was young. i looked in the mirror and i can just remeber thinking god i am fat! and thats when it started really. i would have a bannana a something for breakfast before school, i wouldn't eat at school, and as for dinner i'd have a couple of bites and that was it. i started working out 4 times a week and if i felt i hadn't worked hard enough i'd do 300 sit-ups. i got to one of the worst stages when i was breaking out, my hair was becoming more and more unhealthy and falling out, all i wanted to do was sleep and i just wasn't myself. i gave up some of my hobbies (i have know started again with them) becasue i just didn't have the energy to do them. and then people started to notice is was getting seriously thin. so i got help and know i'm back on track. it was the worst experience of my life and i would say don't do it. if you want to get thin then just excerise and eat medium sized meals. i do regret being anorexic. i was anorexic for a year and a half. it was horrible
everyone is beautiful in their own way so don't let anyone tell you different. i am now 16 and i've stopped breaking out, my hair has repaired and i've got my energy back. so DONT BECOME ANOREXIC IT WRECKS YOU!
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I think I'm anorexic this is what i eat

Lunch:quarter of a sandwich
Dinner:half of what my mum puts infront of me
I exercise atleast four hours a day

Am I anorexic?