My Parents Beat Me

My parents have always beat me since when i turned five if i did something wrong i was beaten not with a belt they would beat me with whatever they could over small things they tell me they hate me and love my brothers i dont get why they do this its cruel but if i say anything i just get hit agian but lucky enough now im getting bigger so my mom cant beat me but my dad still can im only 5'5 he is 6'4 how am i supposed to stop him. im getting tired of it does any one have any advice because recently its esclated and now there using bats and really anything else they can use
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13-15, M
5 Responses Sep 16, 2012

beat your dad when hes sleeping

Glad to hear you no longer live with them. Are you being well treated where you are at the moment?

tell someone before its to late a teacher,counselor,police

i no longer live with them

Hey, that is defiantly serious if you Need someone to talk to I'm here!!!

you may still somehow love your parent's but it's time to call the cop's.