Cotton Candy Anyone?

I'm agnostic but I am not hard at all on discrediting religion or anything else for that matter for there are so many takes on any one given topic - hence the over 30,000 denominations in christianity alone. How can God be so absolute if we can pick and choose and make for us a baskin robins God to suit our own desires? Not to mention people church hopping like God comes with some type of 30 day faith back guarantee. This is how christians pay respect to the one who they believe hung and shed blood like some vanity fare?

Its not to say that religion doesn't exist because it's followers act like knuckle heads....but it really does cuz there is still knuckle heads. But really not can man only stop at the existence of god but then run this holy man into the ground by creating bullshit that defames what this God is in the first place. We humans are too smart for our own good regarding mystery. We have to have our fingers even in make belief as well. The angle of evidence taken can only go so far as well. I'm feeling good so lets grant that everything written in a bible was actually true.

Just because something happens or someone says something to be true, really only is an end within itself. A tree existing does not mean a god made it, it just means a tree is there. Intelligent design is the christians desparate attempt to label make belief as science. Again I do not take any sides here, but at least the scientific community has the balls to say given the facts they still don't know. Where as the religious can't stop with "i dont know", but rather that "god works in mysterious ways". Its just a cop out instead of being honest which smells like ****.
soliare soliare
26-30, M
May 13, 2012