I Used To Be Really Fat

I use to weight 275lb back on November 9,2011 I'm only 5'7 so I was really fat it's kind of hard to have so much weight but the food is great I'm Cuban and the Latin food is delicious. Having nothing to wear and feeling depress because you go out and you see other girls dressing so nice and you almost look ridicules cause no matter how hard you try to look good nothing does it's kind of hard. I would never go out any where what was the point? for people to talk begin my back or to wear the same clothes that would only look acceptable for a 50 year old women. Every time I would go to the mall I hate it nothing would fit all those beautiful things to wear and girls trying all types of clothes at the fitting rooms everyone would look at me like saying " why is she here? is she blind? nothing here fits her fat ***" I know they thought about it and they even laugh it's only human or really mean to do so. I was really depress even walking around the mall made me feel bad if some one laugh cause of whatever specially if they were in a group I thought it was me they were laughing at. I use to be skinny when I was 23 years old and I had all those clothes on a side on my closet sometimes I would get my pants and be like "oh my good I can't believe I wore those pants size 7 and now I'm a size 20" it's really hard. Many people would say to my ex-husband you're wife has such a beautiful face why is she so fat she should lose weight and I know that bother him and it got him thinking and LOOKING too. It didn't matter how much he loved me and didn't care I was fat OF COURSE he was going to look at fine *** girls with a nice looking body when they passed by HELLO its natural I wasn't stupid and that was a mayor reason why I didn't like to go out any where. I decided to have gastric bypass surgery on November 9 of last year it's been 6 months and I have lost 95lb now I'm 180lb and I'm so happy I made this decision. I go every where now I have beautiful clothes in my closet and every thing fits. I'm positive,active,and I feel brand new and thanks god everything is going good with my surgery. My life has change for the better I'm able to go to a water park that for me it would been a hell no it's just amazing. I do want to make it clear to those girls that are over weight don't let anyone make you feel less and try to find a way to be more beautiful than what you already are! my mistake was that I let those who i thought were my friends put me down don't let it happen to you.
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So glad you lost some weight! Good for you.