I used to look like Rasputia from the movie Norbit, until I got a makeover. I went from over 300 lbs to about 134 at 5'5.Losing weight was one of the best things I've done for myself.I was always praised for my fatness growing up. All the ladies in my house were and still are fat. They don't want to lose their "curves" and yet they can hardly breathe. I've tried many times to talk to them. Back then I saw nothing wrong with jiggling thighs rubbing against each other. I was comfortable.I didn't mind the body rolls and back fat, big belly, and double chin, until I got older. I was teased unmercifully in school. And the guys noticed me of course, with my heavy self, but wouldn't give the time of day. My family were bad examples for me. They ate all the bad food and too much of it, never once said, this is too much, we have to stop our behavior and lose weight. And no one from the community said anything to us about our weight. My family criticized people who were slim and would say men love women with a lot of meat on their bones. Really? This is a constant problem with black women and they are in denial. But I'm still working on trying to convince my family to lose weight and stop their selfish bad habits. I believe one day a big change will come. I am already starting to see it.
msjennycraig msjennycraig
31-35, F
Aug 18, 2014