He is so obsessed with house cleaning
Argh. His day off. All day to be together but he barely speaks to me. Afternoon: Im in bed - he doesn't join, i nap. Finally he sits with me after dinner. Conversation: yard work & house work!
I hint for change of subject almost a dozen times before i finally lose it, chug the rest if my wine & go upstairs.
He says he wanted to help by getting alot done. Thats not what i wanted.
It will get better. Its been an unusual week. God help us 🙏

We make up
Tenderness, no expectation, relax, breathe, take it easy, repeat...heating up...
Bump in the road. (O-oops he hates p)
Finally its timed when i came first, completely ready.
So good. Comfortable, relaxed, totally user friendly. I could have had more after he was done... 😏anyone? 🙈🙉🙊😆
Wish he wouldn't spoil the mood by grumbling about whatever afterward duh

Feeling: grateful
stufy stufy
1 Response Aug 26, 2014

..., but a clean house is nice. I've gotta admit though that making the bedroom a mess is nice too. Lol