I Used To Be Like That

I was in a pub last Friday watching England demolish Moldova 5-0. Alongside me were 5 men (in there 30's or 40's), drinking, swearing and swopping some of the bad taste jokes that are doing the rounds during the Paralympics.
My first reaction was one of disgust, but then I thought back to the 1970's when I behaved in exactly the same way. Back in those days, the crippled and disabled were kept out of sight, or put in institutions. Those who saw the light of day took terrible abuse from all directions.
Thank god that times (and myself) have changed. All those taking part in the Paralympics deserve medals. They are an inspiration to us all on how to overcome adversity.
Nowadays, whenever I can, I stop and talk to those in wheelchairs, even if it is just a passing 'nice day isn't it,' or 'mind the speed cameras.'
stoney121 stoney121
61-65, M
Sep 10, 2012