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i was muslim from the ages 5 to mom converted us because she thought that it would help she changed all of our lives just to satisfy hers...and may i just say that it changed it for the worse people called us every mean muslim related word that there is:( in 8th grade i got a little courious about other religions so i decided to look into them soon i was reading the bible and chose that love and careing is all i needed and what better than from God himself cause i couldnt get it from my phisically emotionally and verbally abusive on november 15 2011 i became christian
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Welcome back :) Enjoy your journey home!

I am Christian that's a great story :) I'm glad you found the love of are lord look me up if you ever need anything

as a muslim I won't say its great you turned to something else, but its good you made your own decision. for me I converted to Islam all on my own, not for someone else. i am ALL for doing it for your own choice.

Once you made the choice for you.

for me i'm muslim and i'm proud to be muslim u are lost the best thing is islam

well that is the best for you but not the best for me:)