This Is Really Sad But A True Story, Gets Way Better After

I started out with about $320 after rent and power was paid for. Had that for 12 years about, if not more. I juggled Internet, phone and grocery into that little $320. Do not ask me how I did it, but it was done. I would even have to panhandle or sell jewelry depending on season, as we get the 4 seasons here. Winter, panhandle, Summer, jewelry. Yes, I would make the jewelry to sell.

I was in a "tunnel" figuratively with trains and push-pull carts pulling through it. Last thing on the tracks was a "push-pull" cart. Suddenly I am achingly close to the end of the tunnel. I am so close that it is itching. It is brilliant noon daylight at the end of the tunnel and I am oh-so close. At the end of the tunnel is over 300 dollars on TOP of what I get at 320 currently which won't go away whether I get the 300+ dollars or not. That earlier $320 stays put. I do not know how I survived in the dark of the tunnel, I just did with what I could "see".
jmintuck jmintuck
May 16, 2012