I Am Anorexic

I am 5'4" and weigh about 135 lbs.  That is sick to me.  Sickly high.  Three years ago, I weighed 64 lbs (my lowest weight).  Then I was forcefed to a sick high of 160.  I managed to starve myself on and off to a weight between 130-139 and here I stand, waiting to get back below 100, where I was for sooooooo long.  No more treatment centers for me (although my parents have medical guardianship over  me, meaning whatever they want to do with me medically is what goes) and no more hospital stays.  I used to be 64 lbs and I want to get back there!

Licorice Licorice
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I hopryou get over this. The truth is that everyone is beautiful, and having some meat on your bones is not a crime. Girl, I ain't a shrink but I reckon you think too much what people think. You need to realise just how special you are, and love yourself! When you love yourself, life changes in a BIG way. Don't be inlove with yourself, but love yourself. You are created in God's image, what could be more perfect then that :) Go be the beautiful woman you are!

You shouldnt go below 90lbs

5'4" and 64 lbs. I would find that very sexy; you must have shown some great bones. But I could understand it might not be a healthy weight. Good luck on getting below 100.