Child of Yesterday

When I was seventeen, eigteen, nineteen-- young-- I was so idealistic.  I graduated high school but dropped out of college to follow the band Phish.  i met so many amazing folks and saw beautiful things, and generally believed life was good, people were kind, and the goodness I felt due to me would surely come.  Then, somehow, somewhere, i was overcome with this intense cynicism about life.  Dreams are simply that.  Religion is a crutch.  There is no god.  We are all desperately alone.
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4 Responses Mar 13, 2007

I agree...somewhat. we are born. we live. then we die. and what have we done? breathed, eaten, excreted...we are all animals that will eventually rot away. sometimes I really don't see the point of life.

I dont think I have unrealistic excpectations at all. In fact, I would say I am a realist. Religion is unrealistic. Belief in anything besides the self is unrealistic. Or a tleast thats what life seems to have proven to me.

You need a major pick me up. Life has gotten you way down. Probably because you are living with unrealistic expectations.

you make life sound so sad in this story, dreams do come true so keep the head up and keep smiling, ;)