When I Was Younger...

I am not sure when exactly it started or why, but it became quite a problem. To this day only a few close people to me know the truth about all the scars hidden on my body (wonderfully now covered with tattoos). I am not a big fan of discussing why or when or how, however, I am in love and the woman I love is the most understanding person I have ever met. My cutting ended before I met her, however, not long before I met her. People never really quite understand why people cut, (my parents for one) they believe cutters are 'crazy, suicidal' which is far from the truth for myself at least. I have a hard time speaking for others, however, for myself and the two other people I know who were also cutters. This was the last thing we were. For myself I used it as a method of control over the emotions and lack of emotions going inside of me. I was able to focus myself during moments of turmoil.
kenorapilot kenorapilot
26-30, M
Jul 16, 2010