It Was An Addiction

it started when i was about fourteen I dont  really remember why i started ... but i did and it just got to where i was  doing it everyday ... and i cant believe no one ever really paid attention . i would cut the inside of my arms and my ankles mainly ... I liked to carve to ... i dont know  it was all crazy i did it til i was seventeen i think .  i think my ex took all my stuff once so i couldnt do it but i just found something else ... Then i really got into drugs and   used them as my outlet which one is the lesser of the two evils i dont know ... But i havent cut in forever ..I still think about it from time to time ... but i wouldnt do it now or at least i think i wouldnt i have too much to lose .. and my therapist pays to much attention to me  its getting warm and if  i kept wearing sweaters she would know something was ^ ..... I think about it more when im upset ... I dont keep tomany sharp objects in my house due to the temptation . i get nervous when i shave  im afraid if i cut myself it would feel good and restart the cycle .. ... So i try to keep temptation down ... so the cycle cant restart ...
starstruck2xtrme starstruck2xtrme
26-30, F
Mar 19, 2007