Used to - Feel Hypocritical

I used to.. I went to a psychologist and that kind've cleared things up a bit but not for long.

The annoying thing is that I KNOW it's wrong, and when I think about it I feel disgusted... like.. How could I do that?
But some days.. (REALLY bad ones..) I just find myself looking for something sharp just to relax.
I don't, usually. I often just go to sleep... but maybe once every few months I slip up.
I feel like an idiot and a hypocrite though... I have a friend who does it,
and I always tell her she shouldn't because it's stupid and pointless.

That's a bit different though because I know for a fact she does it for attention.
She wears it like a badge of honour and delibaretly does it in visible places,
it's as if she's bragging.

I think I'm getting over it.
I realise how pointless it can be...
DitaSweetSorrow DitaSweetSorrow
18-21, F
Mar 26, 2007