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I used to cut myself because I had noone to talk to. I have friends, but boys are not that good at talking feelings, and the girls I know.. well I didn't want the knowing. I get emotionally attached to people right away, and parting is something i can't do (though im not a stalker or anything!, I just can't get over people). So I found my way to a knife one day, and I found comfort in it. It was soothing and it really helped me get past some of my days. I never wanted attention, and I'm still hiding my wrists, but talking about it to people feels great sometimes. Last time i cut myself was 3 month ago, but I'm really hoping that that time was the last. That was a really short version of my story, though a bit messy (and if there are errors; my motherlanguage is not English, so bare with me, besides its 3am) Cheers me, 22yr male
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I wish I can meet you and just hug you