I used to cut for about three years and then went into a therapy and now I don't do it anymore. Still sometimes I have an EXTREME longing to see wounds and scars on my skin... I shot on my arm with a soft air some days ago, it hurt like hell and i loved it. It didn't leave a wound though, just some red bruise. I remembered then that I would love to see some wounds again...
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2 Responses Apr 12, 2007

I used to cut a cross into my ankle, till my mom saw it, but recently realized that the scar was gone, s i started it again. it's been a couple months,tho.<br />
I do pick at my blemishes like a crackhead tho!LMAO

i used to sut myself too i have some pernament scarring but i dnt think ill ever totaly stop..<br />
im glad you were able to stop<br />
<br />