Wonders Of My Heart

Wonders of my Heart and the Effects on People Who in witch i Love with a deep Love

I wonder how bad or how good of an effect would it bee if i was not born how many lives have i effected in both a good and negative way. i really plan on leaving here one day and returning home to my Father. I plan to make every effort to go home To God and live with Him forever. But i wounder if i did not wake up tomorrow who lives would it effect. The Ministry that God allowed me to do, I wonder How it will effect it and the people it is sent to reach. My lifestyle and how it effects The Ministry and Others who see me live it. If I remain in a depressed stage what is its effects, and if i remain in a Happy Positive stage what are its effects. If i loose my memories now how would it effect those people who in witch had good times with me or walked by my side and i cant remember those remember-able days of joy and war. If I passed now what are the Effects on others lives. My stand is This. To the Lord i Have a job i must complete. I have been with him for most of my entire life and have went through many life style changes witch effected other people in a good and bad way. I am an Influence to those who see me and look up to me. So Being For God and Following Jesus Christ is my Lifestyle. I am A Christian and I will Have Victory in the Jesus Name
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Jan 15, 2013