It Was My Control

It all started when I was about 13. My sisters father was abusive, I had no escape In a world full of crazy I wanted to have control over one thing in my life. Cutting was my control, it was all in my hands, how deep I wanted it, how much I wanted to feel.. It was my escape.

I continued for years. My mom left my sisters father for another abuser, The battle of the crazy continued with another man, Drinking, Drugs, Abuse.. My life was in shambles. I had no support. My mother didn't care, as long as she wasn't alone.

I tried other outlets, I really did, Writing, Painting.. Anything to try and give me control over something. I resorted to writing poetry. Always poems about the blades, The blood, The pain.. The the thing I craved so, but knew I needed to avoid, The cuts were visible, and people were asking questions.

My mother found my poems, Blamed it on the music I was listening to and grounded me for "thinking that way" It was a cry for help, a cry for attention. She didn't see it. For months I wore wrist bands with razor blades under them. I took my blades everywhere, Just for those moments I needed to see the blood, I needed to feel the burn of the razor slicing my skin.

I was about 16 at this time. The cry's for help all went ignored until I met the love of my life ( im 20 years old now and we are still together) I believe 100% he saved my life. I still get the urge to cut. I do. I have a blade in my cabinet in my bathroom "Just in case" But I have not used it in 4 years. I don't know why I keep it, probably just my way of keeping that control, Keeping a memory of my past and a security blanket for the future.

I tell my self every day "Live for the little things" Don't let the big things bring you back to the blade... The little things are what make life worth while.
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Jan 21, 2013