A Cry For Help?

I never have, but I do get these overpowering urges to cut, sometimes to a point where it seems almost unbearable.

And I hold the knife blade to my skin and I know that if I do then I can escape the emotional pain and pressures of life.Sometimes I can almost feel it just by placing the knife to my skin...but then reality kicks in and my rational side takes over...

So , so far I've never cut but one of these days I just might give into the urge. 

Candita Candita
22-25, F
4 Responses Jun 18, 2007

dont start, once you do you will dissapoint yourself. if you have a razor or knife, throw it out your window, just get rid of it and sit and think all the good things you can do. i stopped a month ago ish, i will never forget the many times i promised my best friends i wouldnt, i wouldnt, only to have to see thier dissapointed eyes and have themsigh over and over. <br />
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im so sorry the world hurt you enough to want to hurt yourself.<br />
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Have you tried talking to someone about your thoughts? Your parents, a teacher, or some one else who may be able to get you help?

My advice is to pray to God that He will continue to give you strength. I believe in the unseen that whispers evil things to people. You can read in my blog "gotta stop this addiction!"<br />
We all have so much going against us in this material world. You are amazing and strong ;)

HEY DONT YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT IT< DONT YOU DARE!!!!!!!! you are strong and I trust and beleve in yu no mater what im here for you and you know that!!!!!.<br />
love and light, Phoenix xxxxxxxxxx