I Made Emotional Pain Physical

it was just easier to cope with physical hurts than that whole feeling mess.  having been abused as a child and young adult, pain was something i understood.  but when my heart got involved...  that i just didnt understand.  it was a relief, really, to see the blood.  it felt like the release that i couldnt find anywhere else.

i dont cut anymore.  i still have a hard time dealing with extreme emotions, but i cope.  now i know that feeling is a part of life.  being numb was horrible.  now i know that the hurting will pass.  and i am grateful that i can feel anything at all.
SunnyKris SunnyKris
26-30, F
3 Responses Aug 5, 2007

I used to cut myself too. I stopped after graduating high school and moved out on my own. I can relate to it being a release from the emotional pain-I was abused sexually and emotionally as a child and knew no other way to express the intense emotions I felt. I have felt the urge to cut myself after I stopped for several years, but ironically it hurt so I stopped-I guess the years of therapy helped me to feel the physical pain that I couldn't really feel before.

i was able to 'cause i learned better, healthier ways to get the pain out. it was a long journey, but i am much stronger for it.

Wow i can relate in so many ways.<br />
It's so hard to stop and i don't know how you did it, that release of feelings you get just seems easier at times.<br />
It's great that you can cope with things now you should be very proud that you stopped =] Keep it up !