Im Here For You All

i still think about it sometimes but i know it wont solve anything. it will only perpetuate this horrible cycle of depression and self-loathing and self-harm......ugh...

depression has a way of blocking out all the positive thoughts and letting in all the negative, horrible ones to accumulate and stew in their rancidness...its just my (and all of yours!) brain chemistry and chemicals in my body. its just bad chemicals.. but this doesnt mean you have to take prescription pills (anti-depressants) regularly to correct them. i believe in deep introspection and meditation, not drug dependency...eff that! im so sick of using drugs (legal and illegal) to feel better about myself and my problems....i self-medicate all too often..

i have to forcfully push out and refuse all negative thoughts and emotions whenever i see or hold a razorblade. i cant help but remember the stinging feeling on my skin, the burning emptiness inside...*sigh* i hate thinking about over that point in my life, why must i keep torturing myself with it? i cant let it go, i have the hardest time doing that, im incredibly hard on myself...

i just pray for the strength to keep going...keep thinking positive and clearly. shake it off. keep my chin up..

easier said than done most of the time..

but im here for anyone that needs help

foamborn foamborn
18-21, F
3 Responses Mar 3, 2010

i tried to go to your profile cutsforlife34 but it restricted i wont be able to message you until you message me first : /

i need help really bad im keep cutting everyday

Thank you. Don't how how much help I could be to you but I will listen